“Fiction In A Flash Challenge” Week #32


Emme couldn’t remember the last time she’d left Castle Cahercasey, her guard never left her alone. She knew the risks. The danger. Someone wanted her dead. The Three had protected her, but it wasn’t without a steep price. So many lives lost.

Yet she still had no idea why. They keep telling her she is “The Chosen One” but haven’t said what she was chosen to do. Secrets. Lies. Sneaking around. All to protect her—and some secret they haven’t shared. What could be so important?

Something must be going on. From her window, she could see everyone running to the tower. This couldn’t be good. She opened her door ever so slightly and peered out. The lantern hanging at her door lit an empty hall. Her guards were gone. Footsteps thumped on the stone hallway, and they were coming at a fast pace.

Someone or something was coming for her. She needed to get out of there. Now. Emme wrapped her cloak tightly around her and crept into the hall. Jadis appeared.

“Jadis, what’s—”

“Run,” Jadis screamed.

Emme grabbed the lantern and ran to the escape passage Jadis had told her about. Her heart pounded and she faster and harder as she ran. Sweat ran down her back and the lantern she carried hit her leg with every stride. The passage was protected by several charms. She needed the incantation to open the passage.

“Ego aperiam in periculo locus,” Emme said as she waved her free hand in front of the locked passage. Please let it work. It did. She ran down the steep staircase as fast as possible, Jadis right behind her chanting as they ran. At the bottom she took the passage to the left. It would lead them to the forest. The place where they had another set of charms ready and another hidden escape passage.

Emme held the lantern out searching for the path. Jadis motioned to her right.

“Extinguish that flame. It’s our only chance. I’ll create a diversion. Quickly,” Jadis whispered.

Emme did as she was told. She had no idea if Jadis’s diversion would work, but it was all they had. That and the next passage. How did they find her? From everything she was told, Castle Cahercasey was supposed to be hidden to anyone not in the order.

Oh my god. She froze in her tracks nearly toppling them both.

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The Rules:

Each week Soooz features an image and invites you to write a Flash Fiction or Non-Fiction piece inspired by that image in any format and genre of your choosing.  Maximum word count: 750 words.

Please put your piece (or a link to it) in a comment on Soooz’s blog or email it to her by 4:00 pm EDT on Thursday, August 20.

Subject: Fiction in a Flash Challenge. If you post it on your own blog or site, a link to Soooz’s blog page would be much appreciated.

She will be sharing all entries received, and, her own contribution on her blog.


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