Romance Under Wraps

My first full length novel. Romance Under Wraps.

Romance Under Wraps Final 4.14.16They come alive once a century.

An advisor, friend, and lover cursed because of an evil his pharaoh. Deprived from entering the afterlife because of an indiscretion and ties to his pharaoh and his queen, Dene is tasked by the gods to help them all move on to the afterlife. It’s his curse. Teach his pharaoh to pass the judgments in the book of the dead and pass the weighing of the heart or find the reincarnated queen and have her fall in love with him or his pharaoh to gain his freedom.

Dene tries to teach the pharaoh, but he’s more interested in tricking the gods than learning his lessons. Fearing failure, Dene pins all his hopes on winning the love of his lost queen. But someone is trying to scare her away by falsifying a ‘mummy’s curse.’ With three souls in jeopardy, Dene must solve the mystery and protect her life before his time in this century runs out.


A look inside:

The room was almost pitch black. Without her flashlight or the lightning flashes, she couldn’t see more than a foot in front of her. She needed to get out of there, now. Think, Tayla, Think. Her phone. It had a full battery, and a flashlight app. That would get her out of there. Another lightning flash, and again she saw someone standing in front of her. She lifted another chair and was about to swing it when the lights came on.


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into Romance Under Wraps.

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Coming soon to paperback