Let me Entertain You

The entertainment industry is a trillion dollar a year business. We’re always looking for something to do, something to entertain us. Maybe you like reading a blog, (hint, hint), or just spending time with someone doing something together. Entertainment can be found in various forms, book, movie, carnival, amusement park, beach vacation, or theatre production.

Let me entertain you. Well, not me this time, but our high school teens. It’s musical season. And our local high schools are staging musicals for our entertainment pleasure. Before you run to the big city to catch a show, support your local high school drama club and watch their production. The cost of the show is very affordable, there is no parking fee, and you will be thoroughly entertained. 

You can’t sing, or you have two left feet? That shouldn’t stop you from being involved. Your talents can be used behind the scenes―costumes, sets, stage hand, and publicity. Everyone has a role to play, and everyone is vital to the musical’s success.

Our teens put months of hard work into each musical production. After auditions have finished and the cast has been selected the work begins. There are props to be found, settings to be created, and costumes to be made. Each production must have a good director, good stage crew, and supportive parents.FullSizeRender

The end product we see is the culmination of months of preparation, hard work, sleepless nights, practice, studying, and dedication. Not only are the students dedicated, but the parents, teachers, employers, and technical crew are as well. They provide support and donate their time and talents, free of charge, to put on a successful production.

Speaking with several cast members, my children included, they loved everything about performing. Sure there were things that they liked more than others, but the overall experience was positive.

The song and dance numbers are particularly difficult to learn and perform, especially since the cast makes them look effortless. As one cast member told me, when she first started learning her dance routine, her abs hurt. She couldn’t move. It took many practices for her to be able to perform the number without hurting.

I have been fortunate to see several musicals from the local high schools. I am in awe just watching them preform, and seeing the talent they possess. A dance, a song, a solo, and dialogue, transport me into the story. I can feel their heartbreak, happiness, and desire. Their passion for the story draws me into their world.

Watching them after the performance is equally as rewarding. Seeing their faces light up when someone says good job, or I really enjoyed it, is priceless. And the parents are just as delighted. They understand the sacrifice that their children have made, and know that the result was worth it.IMG951013

It’s important to support children, whatever they do. I don’t regret one minute of running them to practice, or watching a performance. I loved hearing how talented they were, or what a magnificent job they did. Sure, I grumbled when they needed a ride, or money for something, maybe I hated painting backdrop, or selling tickets, but in my heart, I knew they were pursuing a dream, and learning to be part of something bigger.

My favorite musical is the Wizard of Oz. I’ve seen it and the movie several times. It’s about women and shoes. What could be bad? Do you attend high school musicals? Do you have a favorite? Share it with us.

The emotion and the passion of the musical participants is an inspiration as a writer. How do you use what you see in your writing? Share, we’d to know.


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