Here Comes the Mother of the Bride

I’m the mother of the bride. That means I need to dress the part. No t-shirt, no blue jeans, no flip flops or Docksides. That even means no nice pants suit or casual skirt. Formal wear is what’s required. 20150620_104852

After speaking with my daughter’s mother-in-law and exchanging ideas, I decided the time had come to go shopping. And since my mother needed a grandmother of the bride dress, we decided to shop together.

As happy as we are to be shopping for our dresses, we missed having my daughter there to shop with us.20150620_105431

We are extremely fortunate to have a local bridal shop, Babe’s Broadway Bridal. After a quick trip to pick up my mother, together we headed to purchase our formal wear.

20150620_105204Shopping for something this special is different than picking out a t-shirt. I didn’t want to get the same color as the bridal party, black is out, nothing white or ivory, and I wanted a fall color, nothing pastel. And since I’m not a size zero, I thought my chances of finding the perfect dress would be difficult at best.

We walked into the bridal shop and were quickly put at ease. The staff came to our rescue. Th ey showed us several formal dresses, and helped us with zippers, buttons, and fittings. Color and style wasn’t an issue, they have something for everyone’s individual style.


I went first. After trying on several dresses, I selected the first one that I tried on.
Isn’t that usually the way? The same for my mother, she only took one dress, and that was the one.20150620_105243

We had a fantastic time shopping for our perfect dress, and even though my daughter couldn’t be there to shop with us, we sent her pictures.

Both of us found that perfect dress, and have one wedding to do crossed off our list.

And if you want to see the dresses, pictures will be posted after the wedding.

20150620_105431Do you have a special occasion this year? Will there be shopping involved? Share with us, we’d love to hear about it.

As writers, do you include special events in your WIPs? Maybe to advance your plot, or to introduce a new character? Inquiring minds want to know, share with us.

Photos courtesy of Babe’s Broadway Bridal


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