Emme shook her head. “No, I want us to stay here. You picked this gorgeous spot and packed us lunch.”

“Okay, but if you aren’t feeling well—”

“I’m fine, Ben.” But she wasn’t. Something about this place resonated deep inside. This place had some meaning. What she didn’t know, but she needed to find out.

“This lunch is delicious,” Emme said.

“Glad you like it.” Ben moved wrapped his arm around her.

Emme rested her head on his shoulder and stared up, into the opening of the trees. She saw it. The weather vane framed by the light. She closed her eyes and mouthed, go away. It remained. Moments later, Ben’s arm around her went limp and he slumped over.

“Ben, Ben,” she yelled. But he didn’t move.

A voice called out to her. “Do not be afraid child. He has not been harmed.”

She stood and jerked her head around the clearing looking for the voice but found no one.

“You must believe. Embrace your destiny. Come with me child. I am your guide.”

Emme saw no one. “Where are you. Show yourself.” Again, she looked around the clearing.

“Esmeralda, you have chosen wisely, my daughter.” The woman in the red cloak appeared in front of her and grasped both of her hands.

Emme gasped yet remained calm, starring at the woman before her. “Who are you? How do you know me? What is my destiny?”

“Easy my daughter. All will be revealed if you choose to come with me.”

Emme jerked her hands away. “First, I’m not your daughter. Second, I’m not leaving Ben. Third—”

A voice rang through the clearing. “Esmeralda, you have a strong spirit and great power.”

The cloaked woman bowed. “Priestess.”

The Priestess whispered, “Show her the path. We are bound to protector her. She is the chosen one.”

The red cloaked woman bowed again. “As you wish. I shall see that she comes with me.”

“Do not fail us, Jadis. Esmeralda is in grave danger. Should her life force extinguish, so shall we.”

Jadis fell to the ground. “I shall not fail you, Priestess.”

The presence around Emme changed. It weighed heavily on her.

Jadis stood and took Esmeralda’s hand. “You must leave with me at once. I cannot risk your life.”

Emme stared at her. “What danger?”

Jadis replied, “Everything will be explained when you come with me. We must. Now.”

“What about Ben? My family? “I can’t just leave.”

“Do not worry, they shall be protected.”

The skies darkened and thunder roared. Rain started to fall.

Emme had to know. “Fine, I’ll come with you. I have your word that nothing will happen to my family and Ben?”

“You have my word. We shall protect them.”

Jadis waved her hand and said, “Pars arborum, monstrant viam.”

The trees parted and a path became visible. Jadis pointed. “Come with me, daughter. Embrace the path to your destiny.”

This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto.

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