Vocal Get High-ku Challenge: Write a Haiku Inspired by a Mountain #Haiku #Poetry @vocal_creators

Hi everyone. Glad to be with you again. Another Vocal Challenge has been posted, High-ku. For this Challenge, we are to write a haiku inspired by a mountain.

Photo by Michele Jones

I have four entries for this challenge.
Untold Strength
At Peace
Cycle of Life

I hope you stop by, check them out, and enjoy them.
I’d love the hear your thoughts.

The requirements are simple, write a haiku inspired by a mountain.
Haiku must be 3 lines.
There must be 17 syllables.
The first line should be 5 syllables, the second line should be 7 syllables, and the third line should be 5 syllables.

Are you adventurous enough to give it a try?

Click here to read my previous works.

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