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Virtual Cookie Exchange-Cream Puffs

Staci Troilo posted on her blog (click here) a virtual cookie exchange. I just had to join. Cream Puffs are a family favorite. My husband, childern, and my dad love them. I get asked to make them all the time, especially for special occasions and the holidays. I often hear they are difficult to make,

A Photo a Week Challenge: Food

Christmas Cookie Tray, General Tso’s Chicken, Coconut Cream PiePepperoni Roll, Wedding CookiesAll homemade. If you like to cook and bake check out my recipe page. This weeks theme: In a new post created for this challenge, share a photo or two of food. Here’s how it works: Each week, Nancy will come up with a

New #Poetry: Light in the Window @vocal_creators

Light in the Window is a poetry piece on Vocal Media. This piece was done in first person, something I’ve only done a couple times. First person and poetry are a couple of the areas I am working on. This is another poem that explores the darker side of human nature. If you’d like to

New #Poetry: Shadow People @vocal_creators

Shadow People is a poetry piece on Vocal Media, for Halloween. I have been working to expand myself as an author, and poetry is one of the areas I am working on. With Halloween coming up, I wanted something that explores the darker side of human nature. If you’d like to read my poem, Shadow

New #ShortStory: Adopted @vocal_creators

Adopted is my poetry piece for the Vocal Media Challenge, Homecoming. This challenge is about what home means. I did this from the perspective of my Scottie, Abagail. She was not a part of our plan when we decided to adopt a dog for our family. But somehow, she found her way in. If you

New #ShortStory: Scavenger Hunt @vocal_creators

Scavenger Hunt is my final fiction piece for the Vocal Media Challenge. There were eight prompts to be completed in eight weeks for this challenge, and I have just completed my eighth short story. As the challenges progressed, each one posed a different task needing to be met, and each a bit more difficult. If

New #ShortStory: Cabin in the Woods @vocal_creators

Cabin in the Woods is my newest fiction piece for the Vocal Media Challenge. I just learned that my first story didn’t meet the challenge, so I needed to create a new piece for this challenge. So, this is my newest story in the challenge, and hopefully, I will be seven out of eight after

New #ShortStory: Brush it Off @vocal_creators

Brush it Off is my newest fiction piece for the Vocal Media Challenge. This is week seven of eight and I’m on a streak. Story seven of eight has been completed. If you would like to read any of my past stories, you can find them here. This story was inspired by my niece, Samantha,

One-Liner Wednesday-Smell the Cinnamon

One-Liner Wednesday I can smell them baking now. To participate in this prompt, use the “One-Liner Wednesday” title in your post, and if you do, you can ping back here to help your blog get more exposure. If you see a pingback in the comment section, click and have a read. It’s bound to be