This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto.

So much had happened to Emme after she met The Three. When she had first met them, she couldn’t believe three twig figures could do anything to protect her. But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Three represented Good, Peace, and Light, and the circle they pulled her into possessed great power. Even as several hooded figures passed them, they saw nothing. Later she learned those hooded figures were the outcasts of her order and sent to kill her. Why? She still didn’t know.

Today she would be training in spell casting. Something Emme looked forward to. For months her training consisted of learning the history of the order. Important? Of course. Fun? Not so much.

Emme couldn’t stay in bed any longer. After finishing her morning routine, faster than normal, she ran down to the training center. Hidden from the human eye behind several trees stood a old wooden house. The steps creaked as walked up and the door barely remained on its hinges.

The inside looked even worse. The walls were covered in cobwebs, the floors had holes, the windows were broken. But this was all an illusion for anyone they might find this place if the protection spells cast didn’t keep them out.

The classrooms were hidden. Emme took the secret passage and stood at the top of a steep, narrow staircase. She moved to the left and carefully made her way to the bottom and stood before a closed door.

This door lead to her future. A future that could be cut short if she…. She shuddered. Pushing the door open she stared down the corridor. Each door a path to her future.

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