Ryllae flitted to Old Godrrick and Koilap and landed betwixt the two. She pulled out a small pouch and reached inside sprinkling faerie dust and chanting “Amicis nostris bene ac defendat (be well our friends and protect us).”

The trees bowed and their roots pulsed. Ryllae leaned in and placed her head against Godrrick and listened. He thanked her for tending to them and promised their protection.

The tangled roots swelled up and the ground shook. “What is the matter, my friends?” Ryllae asked.

Both Goddrick and Koilap feared the homines that had taken residence close by. They heard the homines speak about taking this land and settling here.

“Rest easy my friends, as you protect from intruders, we are sworn to protect you.” She flew around the trees and sprinkled more faerie dust on the roots and made it rain. “Drink up, you need to remain strong.”

Ryllae went back to the Queen Diarmora and presented Godrrick and Koilap’s fear of the homines.

Before Queen Diarmora could act, the ground shook and the walls began to crumble. The throne shifted and the wall frames fell to the dirt. The homines started inhabitation. They were destroying the faerie’s home.

The faeries flew to the surface to stop the homines but were too late. They had felled Koilap and started on Godrrick. Ryllae raced to the beloved tree, landed on one of his roots and wept.

She failed everyone.

This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto.

Stop over and give it a try. You might be surprised at what you can compose.

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