This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto.

“Esmeralda Gossling.”

Emme wasn’t in the mood for another lecture. Twice she snuck out, and twice she had been found by those who wanted her dead. Even worse, The Three had to rescue her a second time. Emme knew there wouldn’t be a third time.

Everywhere she went, she had someone with her. Even to the restroom. The order bound her powers except while in class. If she wanted to try again it wouldn’t be possible. No, they made sure she wouldn’t try a third time.

“Esmeralda Gossling, when I speak to you, answer me.

“I’m sorry, Ora.”

“Today’s lesson will be outside. Gather your things. Be quick about it.”

At least today wouldn’t be terrible. Emme would have the chance to go outside to practice. The autumn colors were beautiful.

Ora stood on the path under the tree. “Today’s lesson is on teleportation.”

Emme couldn’t believe her luck. Finally, something she could actually use. Something that could help her if she were caught. Somehow, there had to be more to this lesson than Ora told her.

A slight breeze blew through the trees. The soft rustle, the earthy smell, the moss on the rocks. She loved this time of year. It made it hard to focus. She could hear Ora talking, but something at the end of the path caught her attention. And then—it vanished.

Ora said something and disappeared. Moments later she reappeared, standing next to her.

“Are you ready?” Ora asked.

Who wouldn’t want to transport wherever they wanted? That would be useful. But she remembered the last two times she was transported. Everything spun, her stomach lurched and she became nauseous, she could feel herself being torn apart. Emme didn’t know if she could handle that. “I’m ready.”

“The incantation is, dona mihi transitum and a location, and you will be taken there. Try to get to the tree with the fallen branches.”

“Dona mihi transitum arbor,” Emme said. Nothing happened. Before she could try again a cloaked figure appeared beside Ora. Immediately she recognized him. The man with the staff. They had to get out of there now.

“Ora, run.” This can’t be happening. Not here. Not again. “TRIBUS defendat.”

“Cipeum” Ora pushed her and turned to the man.

“Your shields won’t protect you.

“Dona mihi transitum scholae”

This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt: #writephoto.

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