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This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto. Emme stared at the three figures on the plain as Jadis stood beside her, chanting. Somehow, she knew she had to be here. But she had so many questions. Foremost, was she truly a witch. What made her the chosen one? Why


Built by his ancestors centuries ago, Anglewood had been passed down to the eldest son each generation. Today it became his. He loathed the thought of it. Anglewood, his ancestor’s house, sucked the life from all who tended to it. Levi walked up to the front door and stared. It needed a complete makeover. But


Emme shook her head. “No, I want us to stay here. You picked this gorgeous spot and packed us lunch.” “Okay, but if you aren’t feeling well—” “I’m fine, Ben.” But she wasn’t. Something about this place resonated deep inside. This place had some meaning. What she didn’t know, but she needed to find out.


Wesley woke and dressed for his morning walk. His daily routine since purchasing his home in the country. The smell of the grass, the flowers, the rain fresh countryside invigorated him and prepared him for his day. Today, he chose not to follow his usual path, but rather to explore the field on the far

Book Release: “Evil Lurks”

So much has happened since my last post, formatting, editing, a little writing, cooking, baking, shopping, the holidays. And I have a new grandson. He’s a cutie, but not the reason for my post. My short story, Spirit of Lonely Places, was accepted into the anthology, Evil Lurks. I’m one of ten authors in this