Book Release: “Evil Lurks”

So much has happened since my last post, formatting, editing, a little writing, cooking, baking, shopping, the holidays. And I have a new grandson. He’s a cutie, but not the reason for my post.

My short story, Spirit of Lonely Places, was accepted into the anthology, Evil Lurks. I’m one of ten authors in this anthology with stories relating to the unspeakable.

Evil is everywhere, you cannot escape it, there are things in this world that we simply cannot understand. Do you dare dive into the unknown, to explore the supernatural, to find where Evil Lurks?


Here’s a short excerpt from my story, Spirit of Lonely Places. I hope you enjoy it.

Lottie pointed and screamed, “Look out.”

Aggie saw it, too, and jerked the wheel. The SUV slid and spun—even the four-wheel drive wasn’t enough to overcome the ice. She turned into the skid, trying to regain control.

Then something ran out in front of her car. Was that a wolf? A huge, honking wolf?

You can read my story and the others in Evil Lurks.


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