Mom, What’s for Dinner?

I heard that question a lot when my kids were younger. I still hear it, but not as often.

With the hectic schedules we keep, after school activities, sports, job, shopping, household chores, we don’t have time to prepare a seven course meal. But we don’t want to go out to eat every night either. I have the solution.

Pizza Burgers Coming Out of Oven 2
Click Here for Pizza Burger Recipe

Pizza burgers. They’re one of my go to favorites. This recipe nails it, and you probably have all the ingredients in your fridge and pantry. They are a hearty, budget friendly meal that can be made in less than an hour. And your family will love them.

Pizza burgers combine two of my family’s favorite meals, pizza and hamburgers. And they always have seconds. This recipe can be altered to fit your family’s taste. Do you like it spicy hot? Add cayenne pepper flakes. Make it Mexican by changing the spices and substituting salsa for the sauce. If you prefer Asian, no problem. Swap out the bun and use egg roll wrappers, eliminate the sauce and use hoisin, or General Tso. Don’t have buns, use bread. I have even used bagels and English muffins.

When my family comes through the door, they know immediately that we are having pizza burgers for dinner. The aroma of cheese, spicy hamburger, tangy pepperoni, sauce and the crust permeates the house and has them running to the table.

Pizza Burgers Ingredients

The table is set with their favorite pizza burger toppings, hot sauce, red pepper flakes and extra cheese, both grated Parmesan and the cheddar blend. Everyone loves extra cheese, except me. I’m Picky, Picky, Picky. I don’t eat cheese, so I make mine without, but I add extra to theirs.

When you sink your teeth into the pizza burger, you come away with cheesy, gooey, delicious, comfort food. The sauce gushes from the burger down your hand, and drips from your mouth, making you happily lick your lips. As you continue, the doughy perfection and spicy sauce have you going in for seconds.

Next time your family wants to know what’s for dinner, tell them Pizza Burgers.


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