This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto.

Emme stood there shaking. So much had happened in just a few short months. Her life turned upside down. She went from a normal teenager to the Chosen One, a powerful witch. Or at least that was what she was told. You couldn’t convince her that she was powerful. Whatever she tried, she failed. Sure, she accomplished the little things, but when she needed her magic the most, it was a disaster.

  “Esmeralda Gossling, you must focus,” Jadis said.

Emme jerked and turned toward her. The room they had entered through the stones was large, dark, cold. Only a torch on the wall provided light. They said she would be protected here, but she didn’t believe it. Everywhere she went, danger lurked. She narrowly escaped each time.

“We need to hurry. You must get to Castle Cahercasey.”

“Are you kidding me? That place is cursed.” Emme remembered her lessons. The place had been the site of many battles, but stood proud, a pillar against evil. The battles cost so many innocent witches their lives. She refused to be one of them.

“Esmeralda. You will be safe there. Cahercasey has many protections. And we need all of them. The Three are working to keep you safe and they sent us here.


Jadis cut her off. “Follow me.”

She grabbed her hand and led her down a narrow dirt path. Emme jerked her hand away. “Fine.” She shivered and followed behind Jadis. Someone followed behind the two of them.

“Don’t be alarmed, your guard are following behind us. They will keep you safe.”

Emme didn’t feel safe. She hated everything that happened. Being chosen. Why her? What made her the one? When would she learn the truth? She needed answers. It was time she learned the truth.

They walked for quite some time. The pathway ended and before them an old, wooden, rotten, stairway with a broken handrail.

 “Be careful. The stairs are rotting, and the handrail isn’t secure,” Jadis said.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Emme mumbled. They went up carefully. If something were going to happen to them, this would be the place. They would surely not be able to escape. They would fall through and die. And she would never learn the truth.

Jadis pushed the door at the top open a tiny bit and peered out. What good would that do? They had no where to escape to. Once she proclaimed the way clear, they entered another hallway. The musty smell made her gag.

A window across the hallway showed her what she dreaded. Cahercasey.

This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt: #writephoto.

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