This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto.

The transportation worked. Almost. Emme didn’t get back to the school but she did get away form the man who wanted her dead.

She managed to get herself to the end of the pathway. “TRIBUS defendat.” Nothing happened. This was her fault. The Three needed to rescue her twice and now…? Emme shuddered. Ora would pay the price. “TRIBUS defendat.” Still nothing. If this was a test. She failed. She couldn’t protect herself, and she couldn’t protect Ora. Tears streamed down her face.

“Get out of here. Now,” Ora yelled.

The man pointed at Ora, and she fell to the ground. “Time to die, fool.”

Emme sucked in a few deep breaths and tried a couple spells that she learned, as well as a few she had read about. Nothing worked. He had Ora trapped. She wasn’t strong enough. How could she be the chosen when she couldn’t do anything right?

Think, Emme. Think. How could she get them out of there? Twigs snapped, leaves rustled. She jerked her head up and stared down the path. The man pointed something at Ora. A ball of fire erupted at the end of the pathway and Ora disappeared. Emme screamed.

He turned his attention to her. She concentrated and waved her hand. “Cipeum.” The shield she managed would buy her only a moment of time. Emme was no match for him.

He disappeared. Emme knew she had one chance. “Dona mihi transitum scholae.”

The spinning, stomach clenching, the nausea. She knew she was transporting. Please let it be be to the school.

This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt: #writephoto.

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