This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt:  #writephoto.

Castle Cahercasey did provide Emme and her guard the protection she needed, but the price was high. Her guard always surrounded her, and she never went outside. Never. She stared out the window every day. She could see the calm stream running close to the window outside her classroom. Her room view wasn’t nearly as good. All she could see were rocks and dead trees.

They continued her lessons, but she hadn’t mastered anything difficult. Sure she was able to do the simple things. The easy incantations. But she needed to learn more protective spells. What happened if she was attacked again? She hated not knowing.

Answers. She needed answers and she wanted them now. No more waiting. Emme threw her cape around her shoulders and stalked through the castle halls to the teacher’s wing. She was sure her guard had followed, but she didn’t see them. Standing in front of Ora’s room she paused and sucked in a deep breath before pounding on the heavy wooden door.

The sound echoed throughout the hall. Ora didn’t answer. She pounded again. This time, harder and longer. Still no answer. Emme grew more frustrated. She lifted her left arm, flicked it from right to left, and said “Patentibus.” The door didn’t just open, it flew off its hinges and across the hallway. Emme barely got out of the way in time. More uncontrollable magic, but at least the door opened.

Emme stepped inside. The room was empty, Ora wasn’t there. “Great.” Maybe the kitchen. It was close to breakfast. She pulled her cape tight to her and ran down to the kitchen. Except for her and those assigned to guard her, everyone was inside. More secrets? She’d had enough.

“Good morning. I didn’t realize we were meeting so early. No one bothered to let me know.”

Jadis stood. “Do not speak to your elders and protectors in that manner.”

“What manner. You say you want to protect me. But from who or what? I’m the Chosen One, yet I have no idea why.”

“Child we are—”

Emme cut Ora off. “Enough. I’m done. No more lies. No more Chosen One. No more you’re trying to protect me. I’m sick of hiding inside. You either tell me the truth or I’m out of here.”

“You cannot leave. You will be hunted and killed. For your own safety you must stay,” Ora said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You let me think you were dead and now here you are begging me to stay but not letting me know what’s happening? Forget it.” Emme turned and started toward the hall.

“Wait,” Ora said.

“For what? More lies. Half-truths. I’m done waiting. Tell the truth or I’m leaving.”

One of the witches in the very back stood and removed her hood. It was Emme’s grandma.

“She deserves the truth. Come with me, Esmeralda. I will tell you everything.”

This story is prompted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt: #writephoto.

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