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Kaitlyn pulled up to the entrance of the Grand Imperial Resort. Her brother was right. The place was perfect. The valet walked out hands in his pockets, dressed in black, bow tie, vest, and a gold name tag on his left lapel. Robert, she made a mental note of his name.

As he approached, she opened her Maserati door and slowly eased her tanned legs out of the driver’s seat. The valet stared at her lean, muscular legs, mouth open wide.

She took a step toward him, fingers wrapped around his tip. He stammered to get her name. Kaitlyn dangled the key above his outstretched hand before dropping them into it, smiling at him. “Take good care of my baby, Robert,” Kaitlyn said as she handed him his tip.

He looked into his hand before he shoved the tip into his pocket. His eye grew wide. “Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

“Oh, Robert, please have someone come for my bags. I’ll be waiting at the front desk.” Kaitlyn laughed as he ran to get the bellhop. “And Robert,” he turned to see what she wanted, “maybe you’d like to make a little extra money by helping me later?”

He couldn’t say yes fast enough. “My shift doesn’t end until four.”

“I’ll meet you at seven. Wear something nice. Oh, and don’t be late. I won’t wait.”

Kaitlyn entered the lobby in her most provocative dress. The black neckline plunged to her navel, the sides slit up to her hips, the scoop back touching her waistline. Her diamond necklace, earrings, and rings were complemented by four inch stilettos, and a black leather clutch.

Robert who was waiting for her just inside the lobby stared. Kaitlyn walked over to him letting him stare at her legs and low neckline. “Are you ready for a little fun?”

He nodded yes. She took his hand and led him outside. “I know a little place not far from here. Very secluded.” She swirled her tongue around her lips. “It’ll be fun.”

Five minutes later they were inside a cozy little motel. Kaitlyn walked up to the attendant. “My key, please, room thirteen.”

The attendant nodded and handed her the key.

“Please, make yourself comfortable while I change. I won’t be long.”

Kaitlyn left him alone for several minutes. As she changed she could hear his screams. She laughed. When she came out, Robert was chained to the wall, gagged but not blindfolded.

She walked over to him cracking her whip as she approached, watching as he struggled against his bonds. She turned to the man in the black hood. “Thank you for your help my friend. It’s a shame we must resort to this. I shall be done rather soon. This one isn’t going to put up much of a fight.”


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