Dream Girl

Carolyn put on her coat and headed out for her evening walk. She followed the same path every day out of habit, but she enjoyed talking to the people that she passed. As she rounded the corner she came upon a group standing in front of an old wall. She moved closer and when she saw it, she gasped.

It couldn’t be? But there she was. Just like she remembered her.

This woman that haunted her dreams. Intense, focused, unyielding. Yet that only scratched the surface of her dream. The artist—vandal captured much more. The woman, not living, but a hollow shell of her former self. Surrounded by beauty, but never seeing it. Focused on one goal, missing everything that surrounded her.

She stared for a moment and continued walking.

This blog is form a prompt on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. It can be found at the #writephoto Photo Prompt.

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