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Happy Easter

Most of us will be busy this week preparing our Easter celebration. There are decorations that need to be put out, and clothes that need to be bought. Pictures with the Easter Bunny, coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts, shopping, and cooking, are also on the to do list. Easter is celebrated in several ways. Children

Picky Picky Picky

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a very picky eater. I don’t eat cheese, eggs, anything that swims, or anything white (sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, or plain yogurt). This usually isn’t a problem for me, until Lent. Growing up in a Catholic home, my family strictly

Fire Alarm, False Alarm

Fire Alarm, False Alarm For most of us, our home is our comfort zone. The place where we feel safe. Where we hang our hat and keep our most valued possessions. Each day, a new memory is created and our home encompasses and defines our story. For the third consecutive week, fire whistles and pager