Tag: Destiny


“Esmeralda Charlotte Gossling.” her mother yelled. Emme sprang up from her bed breathing hard and fast. She slumped back and whispered, it was only a dream. After completing her morning routine, she ran down the steps and grabbed a granola bar. “See you later.” She grabbed her backpack and started out the door. “Esmeralda don’t


Emme looked around. The room was filled with black robed figures whose faces were hidden behind conical hats. One of them shut the door and the rest stood behind a woman in a blood red robe. Emme sucked in a deep breath. Her heart pounded and her entire body tingled. This can’t be happening. “Esmaralda


“Do you see that? Isn’t it beautiful the way the moon shines though it?” Emme asked Ben. “Yeah, I see that dumb cow weather vane. Ain’t nothin’ special ‘bout it,” Ben replied. Emme couldn’t believe it. Were they looking at the same thing? Did she have the gift? Is that why she saw it and