Who Me? Selfie?

A selfie (/ˈselfiː/) A self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held camera or smart phone held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror. Often these selfies are shared on social media.Selfie Minions

The selfie isn’t a new concept—it has been around as long as there have been devices that take pictures. (Online research states 1839)

Look around. No matter where you are, you will almost always see someone taking a selfie. Whether the selfie is your head, full body, or a group photo, your camera captures that moment in time.

So, how do you get the ideal, most flattering picture? Angle your phone forty-five degrees just above your eye line, or get the newest craze, the selfie stick.

Don’t forget. The pose is important. You want to have the right look, be in the perfect spot, do something crazy, or stand in front of a popular landmark. Your selfie is a photo diary of your life. Should you choose, you can record your life from the first picture you take.

Selfie Cartoon 2Recently while working out at the gym, I managed to do a mile on the elliptical three minutes faster than I did before. Naturally, I wanted to record this for my workout file, so I grabbed my cell and tried to snap a picture. Of course, I was too slow and missed the shot. Before I could put the phone down, the gym manager came up to me and asked, are you taking a selfie?

Who me? Take a selfie? A resounding no with an explanation letting him know I was trying to get my time on the elliptical recorded, but I was too slow and missed the shot. He laughed, but I was confused. Why’s that so funny I asked. He went on to explain that he watched people taking exercise selfies all day long. At times, they had him in the picture. Facebook look out.

Unlike the other gym rats, I workout in a tee-shirt and baggy sweats, and when I finish, I’m sweaty and red in the face. Why would I want a picture of that?

Selfie StickMy arms are short, and I don’t have a selfie stick, but that hasn’t stopped me from the occasional selfie. Some of my favorite and most cherished selfies are the ones with me and my husband, kids, grandma, siblings, and friends. Now if my arms would just cooperate.

Are you a selfie person? Do you prefer a self-portrait or group selfie? Do you share your selfies on social media? Have you ever seen something in a selfie you didn’t realize was there? Share with us, we’d love to hear from you.

For the writers out there, do your characters keep current with the latest crazes? Perhaps you use the selfie to help your characters, or make them more believable. Did your character snap a selfie and capture something in the background? Could it be a thief, a murder, a mugging? Maybe your character shared a selfie and got caught. Or maybe the selfie gave away his location. The possibilities are endless. Share with us, we’d love to know what you do.


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