Valentine’s Day. Do you love it?

It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day. You either love it (no pun intended), hate it, or just don’t care about it.

 Valentines DayThis is one of the hardest holidays for single females. Something I noticed during my high school years. Our high school held a club fund raiser for Valentine’s Day. Send a carnation to show how you feel. Red = Love, Pink = Like, Yellow = Secret Admirer, and White = Friend.

 As a club member, I took orders, and was part of the delivery team on the big day. The flowers were received with mixed emotion. The girls with steady boyfriends loved it, the single girls hated it, and the guys were indifferent. When the cart went to each room, I watched as the single girls hopes were crushed when they didn’t get anything.

As the flowers were passed out, the popular girls got several. Many had boyfriends and got red carnations, but they received pink, yellow, and white ones as well. Feelings were hurt.

Those years are behind me, but Valentine’s Day has grown larger and more commercialized. I was curious. What do people really think about the holiday? So, I decided to conduct my own non-scientific poll. The results were surprising.

Most of the men that I spoke with felt compelled to celebrate the holiday in the traditional way; flowers, candy, and a nice romantic dinner. The believed it was what their spouse or significant other wanted.Valentines Day 2

Almost all of the non-single women I spoke with were ambivalent. They liked being appreciated, but felt that Valentine’s Day was a “Greeting Card” holiday. They do something little, a card, maybe a gift for their children, and maybe dinner out. But it wasn’t because it was Valentine’s Day; it was because they usually go out to eat on the weekends.

Others that I spoke with liked the idea of a celebration, but not a store bought one. Homemade cards and gifts were more meaningful to them, and it’s a way to spend quality time with family. They viewed the special made cards and gifts as a treasure to keep forever. A memory they will have and share for a lifetime.

I did have one friend that loved Valentine’s Day. She shared the story of how she hosted a dinner for her children one year because they couldn’t go out. That dinner led to her single daughter meeting her future husband. He was a friend of one of her son-in-laws and single at the time with no plans for the holiday. He accepted the invitation to dinner and the rest as they say was history.

One friend gave me the following quote, “Love is the best in whatever fashion you receive it; from our pets, families, grandkids. Love is like no other.” She loves the holiday.

A select few people that I spoke to, liked the day, looked forward to the gifts, and the dinner. They were definitely outnumbered. And a very select few actually hated Valentine’s Day. Their view was you don’t need a holiday to show someone you love them. You should show them every day.

Valentines Day 3So, there you have it. My unscientific poll on Valentine’s Day. This writer has no plans, nor will I make any. I’m not into mushy cards, I have the blackest thumb in the universe, and chocolates are bad for my waistline. The most I will do is cook dinner for my family and tell them I love them. Perhaps a funny card for the hubby.

As a writer, will you use a holiday to portray something about your characters? What will it be? I’d love to hear it.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Do you love it? Do you celebrate? What do you do? I’d love for you to share with us.




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